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Confessions of a Misogynist

I'm not violent or anything, it's just that I am terrified of women. Whenever near one, especially an attractive one, my voice sinks into a monotone and my eyes hit the floor. If I say anything at all, which I don't if I can avoid it.

I never ask women out, not even if I suspect the woman might be interested (which only happens once or twice a year, if that).

Why? Because deep down I believe certain things about women, and men, and relationships. Therapists, friends, everyone tells me these beliefs are absurd, wildly exaggerated. No doubt they are. But they *feel* right, no matter how irrational they may be. So my actions are on them.

They are:

- Women prefer men who are tall, slim, handsome, muscular, well-dressed, athletic, articulate, square-jawed, rich, extravagant, drive fancy cars, wear expensive jewelry, quick-witted, good dancers, conversant in pop culture, well-endowed, oozing with self-confidence, and able to read women's minds.
- A man who lacks even one of these characteristics is second-rate in women's eyes, lacking several of them puts him out of the running. - Such men are losers, weenies, scum, etc.
- Any unsolicited asking out on a date, flirtation, hitting on etc. is sexual harassment of a woman (unless it is reciprocated)
- Women despise men's stronger and more physical sexuality
- Women are vain, capricious, shallow, and disloyal
- Women manipulatively use men's stronger sexual desires to gain their own ends.
- Women seek men more for financial security than for love or intimacy
- Women consider men immature if they show emotions or weaknesses
- Women despise intellectual, quiet men
- Being rejected by a woman is a tortuous humiliation, a fate scarcely better than death. - Women have little or no sexual desires, unless their partner is very attractive physically.
- Women expect favours in return for sex (money, gifts, attention, etc.)
- Attractive women, in particular, dominate their universe, using their good looks to gain higher marks, better jobs, speedier promotions, better service in stores, etc., etc.
- Attractive women usually consider men's flirtations, advances etc. an unwelcome nuisance, except when from very attractive men.
- For women, sex is mostly about being entertained and pleased, a man who cannot "perform" will get the boot fast.
- Most women are "Rules" girls.

Most people to whom I tell these beliefs start to laugh. That doesn't stop me from continuining to take them very seriously., Sept. 20, 2000.